Today has been fairly quiet.  I have been doing some research for printables I can create in one of the Affinity programs.  I want to enter Catherine Beebe’s Bundle but not sure what to create yet.  I am fairly new at the PRL game so there is that.  Although, all three of the bundles that I entered had PLR gifts.

Hope you all are doing well.  I am sorry to say that a dear friend of mine is not doing so well.  Her husband passed away on Monday.  Join me in passing along condolences to Bonnie Squires.  Her family is with her right now.  I wish I could be there for her, too.  The best I can do is to watch my messenger or answer her phone calls to talk with her.

What are you working on right now?  I would love to hear from you, especially if you need some help with something.  Oh, yes, I would also love to get your affiliate links so that I can promote you.

If you are participating or want to participate in any of the bundles/giveaways and need any help getting your stuff done, just contact me and I will do what I can to help you.  I have helped others by doing a video on how to do the Birdsend stuff.  Hopefully they are able to get their stuff into the giveaway.

The day my gifts show up in the bundles are getting closer.  I am getting more and more excited about it.

We are now at Day 8 of 12 Days of Freebies Event sponsored by Becky Beach.  Get 3 PLR swag bags a day for a total of 36 gifts over the course of 12 days!  Make sure to stop by the delivery page each day from December 1st – 12th to pick up your swag bag.  There are many new PLR sellers in this event.  I am one of them.  LOL  You might want to check out their other products to see what goodies they are creating for you.  Here is more information:

2nd Annual 12 Days of Freebies Event

Today’s freebies are really great.  I have already downloaded them.  Go check them out:

  • 4 Seasonal Wellness Self-Care Trackers from Journey With Kim
  • Blissful Page Borders from The Planner Nerd
  • Flower Mandalas from PLR Beach with 3 upsells

Use coupon 12DAYS to get them for free!

Today’s 50% off Special Offers are:

  • Successful Blogging Planner (PowerPoint)
  • Small Business Planner (Canva and PowerPoint)

There are also 50% off special offers at the bottom so use coupon 12DAYS50 to save.

Here are a few more giveaways and bundles for you:

From Dec 1-25 get gifts in the 25 Days of Deals.  I have picked up some really cool stuff from there already.  Even though it is the 5th already, you can go back and get the previous days deals.

Annual Christmas Advent Calendar Event sponsored by Sue Fleckenstein from Createful Journals and Di Heuser from PLR Planners.  Each day you get a special discount or freebie for one day only.  So make sure to come back daily to see what has opened.

Check out the deals the Digital Deals Advent Calendar (Melody, Ruthie, Jan, Stephanie, and Helen) are giving you each day December 1-25.  You might get a freebie or a discount.  Check each day to see.

Lizzy’s Christmas Party has a free goodies bag with approximately 200 items and a paid goodies bag with another 80 items.  I still haven’t finished downloading all the goodies I want from the free bundle.  I will have so many things to work with in the new year.

Have fun getting some cool goodies.  

Time to get back to my research and hopefully some creation.  I also need to get back to setting up aMember on my website.  I am getting down to the product creation part….I think.  Have a wonderful day and get some research and creation in there.  Let me know what you are creating.  Would really love to know.  Don’t forget those affiliate links.



Gilded Penguin Creations

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