Ever Purchased Printable Bookmarks?

Download printable bookmarks now and print on your home printer

When reading a book, I am always looking for something to bookmark my place when I am finished reading. It is usually a piece of paper I have torn from an envelope or notebook page. How much better it is to have printable bookmarks handy with my favorite image or phrase.

Now, the question is do you want a coloring bookmark or a colorized bookmark. I have shown both versions here.

Coloring bookmarks are a great way to have quality time with your children or to give your children an activity when they are bored. Just print them out. Then add some crayons, coloring pencils or gel pens. The results are a beautiful memory that serves as a bookmark.

Colorized bookmarks are great because you can see them completed in your favorite theme. Just print them print and cut out. They are ready to use.

Bookmarks also make a great gift for the reader on your gift list. Think of family, friends, the valet that parks your car for you, the doorman, your favorite grocer, the postman, local police, yardman, just anyone you can think of. Select a theme that you know that person will love. Purchase, download, print, cut out, and place in a decorated envelope. They are all ready to gift to that special person.

The bookmark printable download will come in the form of a PDF. Print out the PDF on your home printer and cut them out. They are ready to use.


1. Print these on Cardstock paper that is rather stiff.

2. Laminate them to make them last longer, especially if they will be getting a lot of use.

3. Punch a hole in the bookmark to place a dangly of some sort.

These recommendations are totally optional. I just recommend them as they are things that I have found that come in handy when doing the bookmarks.

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