Up until about May 2021, all I printed out were documents that I needed to send to someone. I never though twice about it.

Then I heard about PRINTABLES. These were all kinds of products that I could print out in my home that I had looked for everywhere else but could not find.

Instead of buying a journal from a bookstore or Walmart, I could buy a Printable Journal. This gives me the capability to print out only the pages I want to use. The others will be waiting safely in the document I purchased on my computer in case I decide I want to use them, too. The beauty of a Printable Journal is that I can print out more pages as I need them. I don’t have to print them all out at once. Once printed out, I could place them in a clipboard to fill out and then put them into a binder to keep them safe. I would place them in document protectors to keep them safe for when I wanted to go back and re-read them or to pass down to my children.

There are even Printable Journals for Children. This would make a wonderful gift for you go give to your children or grandchildren. Get one for yourself and your child and have some quality time together filling in your journals. You could even do a project where each one of you fill in a journal for the other. Maybe keep what you put into the journal until Christmas and gift each other the journal you filled out.

Another printable you might be interested in are bookmarks. There are all kinds of them for you to choose from. Get a subject your children are interested in or get some that need to be colored in. Make bookmarks an adventure. Change them out periodically by just printing them out.

Just have fun with Printables.

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