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What to write?  That is the question.  I have no idea what to write to you, %contact.first_name%, today.  What would you like to hear about?  I would love to hear from you.  Please reply to this email to let me know.  Are you into Printables or Digital Planners or both?  Is there a specific subject you would like to hear about?

OOPS!  I forgot to change the subject again.  Sorry.

Hi, %contact.first_name%, I spent the day working really hard on my website yesterday.  I am up to 29 products.  I know it doesn’t sound like I spent much time working on my site but it does take a lot of grunge work getting the files ready to upload and then create the listings.  I just remembered.  I forgot to do the additions to the product pages on my website.  Oh, my goodness.  So many steps to go through to get the products up on your website.  That is why a lot of people hire people to do it for them if they can afford it.  I am slowly creating a checklist of everything that I need to do so that I don’t forget anything.  Sounds like something that I can use for one of the future bundles coming up.

I am really thankful that I took the course advertised below by Yolande of Feathervine.  It helped me to create the wonderful website that you are now seeing when you go to my links for my printables and PLR shops.  Oh, it is not done by a long shot as I have great plans for it.  I have the foundation to finish the rest of the website though.  Since I have a membership to her mentor program, I will be there at the course if you are taking it.  I would love to meet you.  You never know.  I may glean a golden nugget in this new course that I did not get in the first class.  This is completely possible since we have weekly zoom calls to discuss problems we are having with our websites (if we have any).  Something may come up that never came up before.  I am anxiously awaiting March 1 and the first class.

Oh, yes, and I am also in Carmen’s 7th Etsy Shopping Spree.  I need to go and look at all the fantastic shops in the shopping spree this time.  Everyone is having a 50% or more sale.  Now is the great time to go check out what is out there.  Make sure you check the license of whatever you are buying as it will be both Printables and PLR.

OK, that it it for today.  Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful day out there.


***You will have until March 31, 2022 to download all of your goodies for Affinity Lovers Collection 2022



Today is the last day to get 40% off of Yolande’s course.  If you are interested in getting her course, you need to get it now. This course will never again be offered at this low price in the future!

I told you about Yolande of Tech Talk new course coming out March 1 called Website Launch Accelerator Course and how much I loved it. 

I took this course the last time she offered it and I had 2 weeks. In this newer improved version, she is giving the class for 4 weeks. You will have until July 1, 2022 to implement and re-watch all tutorials. You will get a pre-built website Kadence child theme to start you off. You will get bite-sized tutorials and live Zoom calls where you can ask questions about problems you are having and get answers right then to help you restructure the theme to your own vision.

Here is what you will be getting in this course:

An easy setup, as easy as a click of a button!
A minimalistic approach to tools to set up and learn as well as startup costs.
Training that holds your hand through the whole process where you can get active feedback and answers to your questions.
A theme that can grow and evolve with your business so that you never have to worry about being boxed in or have limited customizable options.
A website that is built for speed, mobile, and is SEO friendly.
A Library of premade blocks and layouts for you to choose from and customize to your own requirements.

Here is a video that will tell you about the course.


Website Launch Accelerator Course


Rayven of Color Monthly has released a new planner called Bible Study Coloring Planner.  This planner contains 28 pages. You will receive a PDF and JPGs with PLR rights.  You have 3 options: black & white ($29.40 using coupon code), full-color ($29.40 using coupon code), or BOTH ($46.90 using coupon code).  Sale price with coupon code: BIBLE – 30% off any option.  Coupon good February 22 – February 28.

This Bundle Includes The Following Beautifully Illustrated Bible Themed Coloring Pages:

Bible Study: SOAP
Bible Study: Sword Method
Bible Study 1 of 3: Scripture
Bible Study 2 of 3: In Depth
Bible Study 3 of 3: Application
Monthly Reflection
Reading Planner
Character Study
Chapter Summary
Book Overview
Meditate on the Word of God
Word Study
Daily Journal
Bible Tracker
Favorite Verse
Enlighten me, God
God Speaks to Me
Weekly Planner
Prayer Journal
Prayer Requests
Sermon Notes
Scripture Cards
Monthly Gratitude
Old Testament Reading Log
Old Testament Reading Log
New Testament Reading Log
Daily Devotional
Yearly Bible Goals


Bible Study Coloring Planner


40 all star creators have joined Jay Galati of Coloring Galaxy with 36 outstanding coloring packs and 9 “How To” coloring training content ready to make sales for you in the Color My Bundle. You can purchase just the coloring packs or just the training packs for $27 each or get the Premium pack which includes both coloring pack and training for $47. This bundle will be available from now Through February 27. Remember that coloring pages can be used for your journals and planners also. You will have until March 31 to download all products.


Color My Bundle


Pinterest is a powerful channel for driving traffic and making sales for your brand. But Pinterest can also be a mystery or a tangled mess. Ask me and I will tell you. LOL I am still trying to figure out Pinterest.

The good news is, marketing on Pinterest is not rocket science and not as difficult as you imagine. If you spend a little time to map it out, you will come away with an excellent strategy. Check out Thrive Anywhere‘s new course Pinterest Marketing Plan to help you figure it out. Her workbook walks you through the steps to help you strategize your pinning strategy and start making sales.

Course includes:
1 x workbook
5 x dividers
3 x professionally edited mockups
30 x social media blurbs
10 x social media images

From now through February 22, you can get this course for $23 (normally $47). No code will be needed, the discount is already applied. Create and execute a Pinterest marketing plan for your business today.

Pinterest Marketing Plan


My friend, Christina of Beautiful Journals and Planners is offering a new membership of Print on Demand Templates for only $17 a month. All you have to do is download the Affinity source files and start adding your creativity. Each month, you will receive beautiful DIY/DFY templates created in Affinity Publisher and Designer.

Even if you don’t use Affinity Publisher or Designer you can still use these templates! All you have to do is upload one of the print ready PNG’s, JPEG’s, and PDF’s that are included each month into your favorite graphic design software. They are ready for you to add design elements, patterns, clip art and your creativity, or just add your branding and start selling your new printable or digital product.

Content Delivered Monthly is:
Affinity Templates – Every month you will receive a new set of templates – (no month is the same)
A new designed set of Daily planner, Weekly planner, Monthly planner, Yearly planner, Journal page, Habit tracker, and To-do list
12-month calendar starting with each month of the subscription
30 Social Media posts
A 50% off coupon off any new product I promote that month
A Facebook Group
Size 8.5” x 11”

The launch price is for the template subscription is inexpensive and affordable –you can sign up and save $10 a month.

Launch ends February 25th at midnight PST


Print on Demand Templates


Michelle of PLR Niche has a new planner out today called What To Wear Planner. It comes with 42 Pages and is a workbook style planner. The template is in two sizes, 8.5″ x 11″ & 8″ x 10”. It comes with 6 jpg Covers. You will get Editable PowerPoint Files, PDF File, Font Files, and Commercial Use Rights.

This planner is meant to help your customer pick and choose what she has in her own wardrobe. It will help her save money because she will be able to pick and choose from what she already owns and not having to go out and buy her wardrobe all the time.

  1. Here’s what you get Cover Belongs to Fashion Trends This year Fashion Trends For Spring Fashion Trends For Summer Fashion Trends For Fall Fashion Trends For Winter What’s In Your Closet Insert Mix and Match Work Outfits Outfits For Work Outfits For Home Build Your Closet Insert Build Your Closet Tops Build Your Closet Pants Build Your Closet Jackets My Wardrobe List x3 My Accessories Spring Clothes Summer Clothes Fall Clothes Winter Clothes Shoes Purses Vacation Outfits Party Outfits Costume Party Partner’s Closet Child’s Closet School Clothes Work Clothes Shopping List Spring Shopping List Summer Shopping List Fall Shopping List Winter Shopping List Donate Yard Sale x2 Notes x 3

All of this for $16.20 (Regular $27) a 40% savings. Sale starts today and ends February 28.
Use Coupon Code: WEAR40


What To Wear Planner


Looking for some reasonably priced PLR to repurpose for your store? Sue at Createful Journals has a terrific collection that she calls Simple Template Designs. The series includes templates such as Storage Hacks, Kitchen Hacks, Undated Simple Calendar Templates, Online Shopping Tracker, Walking Tracker, and so many more.

For each design, you get them in 3 different sizes in PowerPoint format so you can repurpose and sell them.
Check them all out here, and get them for just $7 each (no coupon needed).

Simple Template Designs


Get 2022 off to a great start with Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker! Compatible with GoodNotes and other apps, you get FULL commercial rights! Use it yourself, give it away to build your list or sell it as your own product. Easy to edit and re-brand! It is a steal at $1.

Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker


Sue of Createful Journals has a course called List Builders Action Plan.  In this course is a wonderful section on aMember.  It helped me so much.  If you are joining bundles, she gives you some wonderful tips on this also.  This is really worth the money.  

List Builders Action Plan


Get this course by Ruthie and Melody to help you get aMember on your site.  It will help you set up your products and your affiliate program.  I have purchased this course and am in the process of setting up my website now.

aMember Demystified


If you would rather take the aMember course taught by Faith, I have taken this course also.  It is very good.  She will walk you through how to set up your site, manage your products, manage your affiliate program, and creating upsell/downsell offers.  I really did love the last one as I would have never figured out how to do it.

aMember Pro Kickstart


NEW Free DFY Printable Planner Template with Commercial Use rights.  This is editable in Canva, Affinity Publisher or Adobe InDesign.


NEW Get the Paris themed Family Is Love Management Planner from Niche PLR Starter Packs.  It has 12 unique planner page designs and is a dated planner starting for April 2022.  This planner is designed to help your audience to keep track of their family schedule for the year, month and day.  You have PLR rights on this product.  This is lettersize.  The planner is editable in Powerpoint.

For a limited time only, Becky of PLR Beach is giving away her Safari Blooms Undated Monthly Planner.  Included with the planner are:

15 page printable
PowerPoint template
8.5 x 11 size
12 month calendar
Journal page
Commercial use rights!

Safari Blooms Undated Monthly Planner 


The Digital Divas are back.  Check out this free 2022 Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker brought to you by Melody of PLR Club of the Month.  Compatible with GoodNotes and other apps.  You get FULL commercial rights! Use it yourself, give it away to build your list or sell it as your own product. Easy to edit and re-brand!  Once you grab your freebie, you’ll see the latest offer from the Digital Divas (RuthieMelStephanie HansenJan Small, and Helen Ross).  They’ve put together the 2022 Business Builder Bundle for you that includes another Digital Planner, a Printable Planner, Digital Papers and Stickers for only $29 (about what you’d pay for just the digital planner if you bought everything separately).

2022 Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker


Check out the free PLR at this site. They will help you to get more products on your site. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get these journals, planners, calendars and stickers.

Free Journal, Planner, & Calendar PLR

Please know that some free offers are available for only a short duration. They may go away soon. Every care has been taken to check the links to offers. But if the offer expires or the vendor is no longer honoring the coupon, please contact the vendor directly.

Beautiful Font Bundle (free through TOMORROW)
Lovely Free Font and Design Bundle (free through February 24)
Huge Font Bundle (free through February 25)
The Free Easter Crafts Bundle (free through February 26)
Happy Easter Bundle (free through February 27)
Crafting Handwritten Font Bundle (free through February 28)
Playful & Crafty Font Bundle (free through March 1)
Script Fonts Bundle (free through March 2)
Spring Crafts Bundle (free through March 3)
Free Embroidery Bundle (free through March 4)
Ultimate Quotes Bundle (free through March 5)
Fonts and Crafts Bundle (free through March 6)
Best Calligraphy Fonts Bundle (free through March 7)
Designs for Pets Bundle (free through March 8)
The Ultimate Spring-Summer Blossom Bundle (free through March 9)
Special Swashes Font Bundle (free through March 10)
St Patrick’s Day Bundle (free through March 11)
Crafty Sweet Font Bundle (free through March 12)
Crafty Fonts & Designs Bundle (free through March 13)
Super Collection Font Bundle (free through March 14)
Beautiful Font Bundle (free through March 15)

HUGE Multi-Holiday (free through TOMORROW)
Easter Graphics Bundle (free through TOMORROW)
Spring Crafts Bundle (free through March 2)

22 Fonts Bundle  (Must share to unlock)

St Patrick’s Day Fun Prints
Mermaid Glitter
Western Turquoise Easter

Boho Collection 
St Patrick’s Day Dubbing Skeleton
St Patrick’s Day Leopard Shamrock
St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Heart
Happy St Patrick’s Day
St Patrick’s Day Lucky Lips
St Patrick’s Day Nurse Love
St Patrick’s Day Shark
St Patrick’s Day Unicorn
St Patrick’s Day Gnome
Colorful Stars Sparkle Glitter Wreath

NEW Family Monogram SVG | Mailbox Decal SVG Cut File (free through February 24)

My First Easter
Easter Word Search
St Patrick’s Day Picture Book Bingo
St Patrick’s Day Mug Design

There are more seamless patterns and graphics available on Creative Fabrica for free.  Just search for St Patrick Freebie, Easter Freebie, etc. and you will get all of them.  If you want something else, just type in the search term with Freebie and you will see what is available for free without a subscription.

I have a subscription to Creative Fabrica and can download as many of the graphics on their site free.  I get an idea, I run to Creative Fabrica to see if I can find graphics to make my new creations.  It is so great.  You might want to get a subscription if you need lots of graphics.


What are you working on? Below, you will find some freebies that you can use to create your products. There are seamless patterns for you to use as covers for your products. Remember, always modify the images so that they are different from what someone else might create with the same pattern. Make your cover stand out and let people know you are different.

Mix and match the coloring pages, color by number, dot to dot, and word search to create your own coloring book. Add something to them to make them your own so you won’t be creating the same coloring book as everyone else.

Create a mug or greeting cards to put in your store. You might create these to give to special people in your life. See below in MISCELLANEOUS to find the links to the templates for you.

I want you to keep on working and growing your business. Let me know your accomplishments and what you are working on.

If you need to talk or get some help of some sort, I am here and will help you in any way that I can. If it is something I don’t know yet, I will refer you to someone I know who does have that information. We are all here to help each other to achieve success.

Hope you are having a wonderful, productive day.  Get lots of products created or training done.  



Gilded Penguin Creations


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