Christmas Variety Party Pack Cupcake Wrappers Set 1

Christmas Variety Party Pack Cupcake Wrappers Set 1

Getting ready to have a Christmas party but need something to give it Pizzazz? Check out these matching cupcake wrappers and toppers. There are 12 different designs so that you can have a fancy looking Christmas party. Just cut them out along the lines. Then tape the toppers to a toothpick and place on top of the frosted cupcake. Tape the wrapper into a circle and place the cupcake into the wrapper. Voila! See how pretty they are. There are some in there that could be considered masculine for the male members of your party.


high quality files at 300 dpi in PDF format.

Don’t see a design you want? Feel free to contact me via Etsy conversation and we will see if we are able to accommodate you.

Please note, this is a printable file. No physical item will be shipped. Instant download!

You may prefer to:
1. Print on your home printer. I recommend using heavyweight, matte photo paper or card stock. Make sure to use the correct size paper and change your printer settings to accommodate the file size you are printing. Or click on the "fit to size" button before you print as the files provided are very big.

2. Take the file to a local print shop like Fedex Office, Walmart, Staples or Officemax.

3. Upload and print online on sites like Sam's Club, Costco,,

This purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. All digital files/images are ©Copyright of Gilded Penguin Creations. Copy, redistribution, advertising, resell is not permitted without express written permission from Gilded Penguin Creations. May be used to decorate cupcakes but may not be used in any way for commercial use. Please do not forward, sell or share digital file. Do not share these files with anyone else, including friends and family. They are solely for you as a paying customer.

DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, CANCELLATIONS OR RETURNS. When you purchase these files you accept these terms and conditions. Also, our EU customers should please note that you waive your right to cancel this purchase under the EU Consumer Protection Law.

Please note that colors on your screen and on the printed design may vary based on computer monitors, printers and choice of paper or cardstock.



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