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Hi, %contact.first_name%,

Well, I got in the interest form for Kelly’s Daily Faith Spring Giveaway Bundle in time.  Found out that I didn’t need to have it created and listed with an opt-in page and upsell.  LOL  Oh, well, everything is done now except the upsell part.  I am learning how to do that on aMember.  I am also creating a list for myself as I go along.  This helps me not to forget steps until it is ingrained in my brain.  Also, if I don’t do bundles for a while, it is there to refresh my memory.

OK did you submit forms for Kelly’s Daily Faith Spring Giveaway Bundle or Cat’s Spring Bundle?  I opted not to do Cat’s Spring Bundle as I didn’t have anything ready that would be worth $75 or more.  Maybe someday, I will create a course or bundle that is worth that.  You never know.  LOL

I started watching D’vorah’s workshop called How to Create 90 Day Planners (see in New Products below).  I am about halfway through it now.  I am learning so much.  It is great.  She is very thorough in her training.  Can’t wait to start creating some really cool stuff with it.

After working yesterday, I started watching some Prime TV.  I watched about 1 1/2 movies.  I got too tired during the second one and went to bed.  I am all bright-eyed and ready to get to work today.  I started reading my emails this afternoon when I got up.  Yes, I am a late sleeper but usually don’t get to bed until the morning hours.  That is why this newsletter is getting out late in the afternoon.  But, it is getting out and that is something.  LOL

If you are interested in the freebie offers, you might want to get them if you haven’t up to now.  I am getting ready to get rid of some of them as the list is getting too long.  I love giving you freebies but need to start keeping the list smaller with new items.  Just wanted to give you a warning so you wouldn’t miss out on the wonderful Freebies.

Don’t forget to check out the Freebies by Creative Fabrica.  They will disappear one day at a time starting April 6, 2022.

I really would like to here from you.  I have had a couple of emails from you about the bundles.  I really appreciate hearing what you like and even what you don’t like.  I want to give you a newsletter that you want to rush and read.  Lastly, I hope ya’ll are having a wonderful day out there.



***You will have until March 31, 2022 to download all of your goodies for Affinity Lovers Collection 2022




Easy Etsy Earnings Bundle
Submission Form Deadline – April 8, 2022
Product Deadline – April 15, 2022
Dates of Bundle – May 6-15, 2022
Download Deadline – Unknown
Product Type – PLR or Training for Etsy
Coupon Code – You create if you want to use a coupon code
Affiliate Signup Link – Will get after submitting form
Easy Etsy Earnings Bundle

CCC Bundle
Submission Form Deadline – April 14, 2022
Product Deadline – April 14, 2022
Dates of Bundle – April 25 through May 1, 2022
Download Deadline – July 31, 2022
Product Type – PLR, Templates (Canva or other types of business related templates), DFY Social Media Post or Graphics, DFY Coloring Pages, DFY Planners, or training on anything that is content related or could include resources that will help them pull it all together to create something – like planners or journals
Coupon Code – You create if you want to use a coupon code
Affiliate Signup Link – Will be given to you after you submit form
CCC Bundle

NEW Faith’s Birthday Bundle
Submission Form Deadline – April 15, 2022
Product Deadline – April 15, 2022
Dates of Bundle – April 25 thru May 1, 2022
Download Deadline – May 1, 2022
Product Type – PU worth $7 or more OR PRL worth $17 or more OR Both
Product you are contributing doesn’t have to be new. It can be something you are selling in your shop. But it cannot be something that has been in a bundle this year.
Coupon Code – FAITHBDAY2022
Affiliate Signup Link – https://www.dailyfaithplr.com/affiliates/ (I think).  Won’t be available until April 22, 2022.
Faith’s Birthday Bundle

KS Ukraine Relief
List Builder Bundle
PLR Printables Bundle Extravaganza!
Building A Biz Bundle 2022
Summer School Giveaway



Lori Winslow is running another free challenge, this time its the April Product Listing Challenge. It is free to sign up. You can add products to any of your stores (website, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.).  Signup is from now until April 4, 2022.  This is a great opportunity to get your stores stocked up with plenty of goodies.  I plan to join.  It will help me get my website more populated with products that aren’t in a bundle.

Lori will be having:
Weekly Facebook Lives
Weekly Open Office Hours
50% Off any single item in her store
The chance to win Prizes

April Product Listing Challenge



I wanted to let you know that Becky Beach of PLR Beach is having a PLR Beach Customization Contest in her Facebook group.  Simply customize your favorite PLR Beach templates and then enter in the form here! You can submit a shop listing or just the mock-up if you haven’t listed it yet.

There are prizes for the top 3 winners! Voting will be happening live in the Facebook Group on April 1st at 1 pm CST.  Good luck!


PLR Beach Customization Contest


D’vorah of Share Your Brilliance has a new workshop called How to Create 90 Day Planners.  I am taking this workshop now.  It is great.  She teaches you step by step what you need to know.

She’ll explore ways to create 90-day planner products. 90-day planners are fun & easy to create and can help you to develop a growing product line! Discover ways to create ten products from one, and that’s just a starting place! You also get 90-day planner templates with PLR/Commercial Use Rights. Use these for yourself as well as to create products to sell.

Save $10 off with coupon SAVE10.  This coupon is good until March 31.


How to Create 90 Day Planners


You know how I am always talking or showing you seamless patterns for you to use in your planners and journals by just simply mixing and matching (by hiding/showing) different layers and changing colors.  I wanted to tell you about a sale Lynette of Thrive Anywhere is having on her seamless pattern templates.  Get 20% off when they buy one or 40% off if you buy both.  No code is necessary, discount applied automatically when checking out the correct quantity and products.  Doesn’t that sound great?  This sale ends March 31.


seamless pattern templates



I think coloring planners are so cool.  I usually try to put some coloring pages in my journals and planners just because I love the coloring pages.  If you feel the same way, check out Raven’s Birdwatching & Pet Bird Care Coloring Planner she just released.  Oh, this planner has 36 pages.  You get 3 options to choose from.  You can get black and white only.  Get it in full color.  OR, get both options.

Use coupon code BIGYEAR to get 30% off your purchase. 


Birdwatching & Pet Bird Care Coloring Planner



If you did not get the Color My Bundle Bundle. You have a second chance to get Faith’s mini course, Fun With Colorable Mandala Creations. I got this and it is really fun to play with. In this course, you will learn how to draw your own mandala designs, how to create colorable mandala digital papers, how to create colorable mandala wall art, calendars, gift tags, and more! Just think learning to create these on your own! It is so fun.

To get $20 off, use the coupon code FUNMANDALA which good until March 27,2022.


Fun With Colorable Mandala Creations


Becky of PLR Beach is having a Coloring Pack 30% sale on all of her coloring packs except those in Warrior Plus. These high-quality coloring packs are designed by top artists. Boost your low-content publishing business by stocking up on these gorgeous coloring packs now!

Just use the coupon code SPRINGSALE30 which is good until March 27, 2022.


Coloring Pack 30% sale


Michelle of PLR Niche is having a Crafty March sale on all of her Craft Journals and Planners. Use coupon code GETCRAFTY to get the 50% discount on all 5 of her Craft Planners.  The coupon code is good until March 31.

Handmade sellers event planner
Sewing project planner
Quilt planner
Crochet planner
Knitting Projects


Crafty March


Sue of Createful Journals just added a new template to her Simple Templates called Bible Prayer Simple Template. Combine this one with her other simple templates or other PLR you have gathering digital dust in your hard drive to create a tremendous product.

Undated Calendars                 2022 Calendar
Daily Appointment                  Address Book
Password Tracker                   Tax Time Trackers
Baby Care                                 Kids Chore Chart
RVing Seniors                          Vehicle Maintenance
Family Camping                       Golf
Fishing                                      Pet Cat Care
Floral Layouts                          Floral Border Bleeds
Online Shopping Trackers      Personal Finance
Utility Tracker                           Storage Hacks
Eye Care                                   Foot Care

This is only a partial list. There are so many more on her Simple Templates page. Check it out. The template sets are only $7 each set. Not a bad price. You can mix and match them at your hearts content to create new products.

I am hoping that the above list of products got to you formatted the way that I wanted it.  If not, I am apologizing in advance.


Bitty of Bitty Spires Life is having a promotion on her Club Pin Monthly Subscription. Is it on your To-Do list to get started with Pinterest? Or are you already active on Pinterest but don’t know how to create the pins or really don’t want to take the time? Join Bitty’s Club Pin for $10 a month where you will get get 12 DFY pin templates delivered to your email and a 20-30 minute training session. Can’t beat that. Oh yes you can! Club Pin Members will get 30 Free Bonus Product Mockups with sign up plus this month, they get an extra 12 Pins for a total of 24!!


             Turn this into                              This with this month’s training

Club Pin Monthly Subscription


Get 2022 off to a great start with Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker! Compatible with GoodNotes and other apps, you get FULL commercial rights! Use it yourself, give it away to build your list or sell it as your own product. Easy to edit and re-brand! It is a steal at $1.

Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker



Are you interested in learning Canva and need a little help? Check out How to use Canva for beginners: Canva Tutorial 2022. This is only one of the videos that Faith of Faith’s Biz Academy has on her Youtube channel. She plans to add more videos every week to give you Canva Design tips, step-by-step tutorials on how to create printables to sell, online marketing tips to grow your business, and more! Check it out!!!!


How to use Canva for beginners: Canva Tutorial 2022


Faith has another video out on her Youtube channel called How to create alphabet tracing worksheets in Canva.  


Do you want to learn to create Stickers for your store?  I just found a free course taught by Mim Jenkinson.  She has a great free 60 minute masterclass for you to discover the stickers that sell on Etsy without them getting lost in the crowd.  Get the details of the Creating Stickers That SELL Webinar


Creating Stickers That SELL Webinar




Creative Mama Designs has a page of free commercial use projects for you to repurpose for your store.  Her newest one is horses.  Oh, I so love horses.  She has a goal planner with horses on it.


Free DFY Printable Planner Template with Commercial Use rights.  This is editable in Canva, Affinity Publisher or Adobe InDesign.


Get the Paris themed Family Is Love Management Planner from Niche PLR Starter Packs.  It has 12 unique planner page designs and is a dated planner starting for April 2022.  This planner is designed to help your audience to keep track of their family schedule for the year, month and day.  You have PLR rights on this product.  This is lettersize.  The planner is editable in Powerpoint.


For a limited time only, Becky of PLR Beach is giving away her Safari Blooms Undated Monthly Planner.  Included with the planner are:

15 page printable
PowerPoint template
8.5 x 11 size
12 month calendar
Journal page
Commercial use rights!

Safari Blooms Undated Monthly Planner 


The Digital Divas are back.  Check out this free 2022 Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker brought to you by Melody of PLR Club of the Month.  Compatible with GoodNotes and other apps.  You get FULL commercial rights! Use it yourself, give it away to build your list or sell it as your own product. Easy to edit and re-brand!  Once you grab your freebie, you’ll see the latest offer from the Digital Divas (RuthieMelStephanie HansenJan Small, and Helen Ross).  They’ve put together the 2022 Business Builder Bundle for you that includes another Digital Planner, a Printable Planner, Digital Papers and Stickers for only $29 (about what you’d pay for just the digital planner if you bought everything separately).

2022 Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker


Check out the free PLR at this site. They will help you to get more products on your site. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get these journals, planners, calendars and stickers.

Free Journal, Planner, & Calendar PLR


Please know that some free offers are available for only a short duration. They may go away soon. Every care has been taken to check the links to offers. But if the offer expires or the vendor is no longer honoring the coupon, please contact the vendor directly.

Signature & Handwritten Fonts Bundle (free through April 7)
Crafter Font Bundle ( free through April 8)
Mom Life Messy Bun Bundle (free through April 9)
Cute and Friendly Fonts Bundle (free through April 10)
Super Exclusive Graphics Bundle (free through April 11)
Line Art Bundle (free through April 12)
The Dreamink Collection Font Bundle (free through April 13)
Retro Boho Sublimation Design Bundle (free through April 14)
All Collections – Font Bundle (free through April 15)
Digital Gems Paper Cut Bundle (free through April 16)
Super Bundle (free through April 17)

All The Fonts That You Need Bundle (free through March 21)

Funky Fonts Bundle
Magical Fonts Bundle
Cute Fonts Bundle
Mega Fonts Bundle

Mermaid Glitter
Western Turquoise Easter
Easter Blessings Digital Paper Set
Pastel Watercolor Glitter Background
Easter Glamm Glitter Texture Papers
Watercolor Peony Digital Paper
Lemon and Rose Digital Paper
Buck & Doe Patterned Paper
Holiday Digital Scrapbook Paper – Not necessarily for Christmas

Craft for Ukraine Bundle
Boho Collection 
Colorful Stars Sparkle Glitter Wreath

Llovely Llamas
Little Garden Watercolor Collection
Cute Bee Gnome Watercolor Printable Sticker  
Vintage Celestial Junk Journal Kit
Celestial Fall Graphic Set
NEW Butterfly Clipart Pack
NEW Hot Air Balloon Clipart Set

My First Easter
Easter Word Search

Gnome Mom Printable-Digital Stickers
Instagram Business Templates
Daily Planner Keywords
Printable Cash Envelope
NEW Gnome Mom Printable-Digital Stickers
NEW Bee Gnome Water-Color Printable Stickers

Check out the free gifts from Creative Fabrica every day. You might be surprised at what may pop up.

If you are into t-shirt designs, you will find quite a few of them in the free section of Creative Fabrica. Remember to change them so that yours will be different. You don’t want yours looking like everyone else’s design.  You will also find craft patterns on there if that is your niche.

There are more seamless patterns and graphics available on Creative Fabrica for free. Just search for Easter Freebie, Mother’s Day Freebie, Father’s Day Freebie, etc. and you will get all of them. If you want something else, just type in the search term with Freebie and you will see what is available for free without a subscription.

I have a subscription to Creative Fabrica and can download as many of the graphics on their site free. I get an idea, I run to Creative Fabrica to see if I can find graphics to make my new creations. It is so great. You might want to get a subscription if you need lots of graphics.


Gilded Penguin Creations


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This is a commercial email. If you purchase a product through a link in this newsletter, we may be compensated for that purchase as an affiliate of the product. Then again, we also include lots of links to other websites and cool stuff for you, just because we want you to succeed in anything that you do.

If you would like to become an affiliate for my store, sign up here.

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