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What to write?  That is the question.  I have no idea what to write to you, %contact.first_name%, today.  What would you like to hear about?  I would love to hear from you.  Please reply to this email to let me know.  Are you into Printables or Digital Planners or both?  Is there a specific subject you would like to hear about?

Hi, %contact.first_name% I worked really hard all day yesterday.  I was having trouble with my project for Ruthie’s bundle.  Thankfully that was corrected today.  I had downloaded an add-on and it was acting up.  I did research looking for kindness quotes.  Boy that was hard as even though they said they were public domain, the people that had said the quote were from modern day.  Nope, not going to happen.  So I started looking for different phrases of kindness and finally found 13 of them to go in the journal.  I think it came out pretty cool.  After finding the quotes and putting them in the journal, PowerPoint didn’t want to save it for me.  It kept saying I didn’t have permissions to save it no matter where I tried to save it.  So I tried saving it as a PDF….nope, that didn’t happen.  So I tried saving the coloring pages as jpgs…nope that wasn’t going to happen either.  I looked at the dropdown menu for saving to see if I could save it as anything else.  I noticed an older version of PowerPoint and tried to save it as that…..nope, again.  Finally, I did screenshots of each of the coloring pages.  I shut down PowerPoint and turned it back on.  I deleted the add-on quite a few times but it is still there.  I will have to continue to tell PowerPoint to turn it off until I can get it gone.  After turning it back on, I re-typed the coloring pages and was finally able to save it.  All because I went to Microsoft Office 2021 and back again to Microsoft Office 2019.  I need to get the information from my Outlook 2019 so that I can change back to 2021 and maybe all of my problems will be gone.;

Sorry for the rant.  LOL  I just needed to get it off my chest.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Microsoft Office and really do want to upgrade it once I get the information off of the old version.  Silly me, I thought that I just upgrade and all of my information would still be there all nice and pretty.  I have put in too much work creating my filing system on outlook for all of my emails to lose it and go back to recreate it again.  Wish me luck.

OK, time for me to list the Kindness journal on my website and get the opt-in page done so that I can send the form in to Ruthie.  May your day go a lot better than mine did.  If not, may you weather the storm and come out on the other end in good shape.

If you are looking to start contributing to bundle, giveaways, and events look for the newly updated workshop taught by Christina of Beautiful Journals and Planners being released again on March 14th. I took this course and learned a lot. I kept waiting for it to be given again to help others and it is finally coming.  If you missed it the first time, here is your chance to start building your email list and build your income.  Also, if you were in the class with me, we are grandfathered into the new one.

OK, that it it for today.  Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful day out there.


***You will have until March 31, 2022 to download all of your goodies for Affinity Lovers Collection 2022


Are you looking for a children’s planner?  Then you would be interested in Christina’s of Beautiful Planners and Journal new planner, Lion Planner for Children.  Children could use this planner to plan their activities, list and keep track of their chores, homework time, learn how to manage their time, and write their gratitude list.  This planner is editable in Canva.  Get this cute planner for just $17.


Lion Planner for Children


Carmen of Simply Couture Designs is launching her new Mental Health Journal PLR Templates.  You will receive a collection of 25 unique Mental Health Journal printables embellished with floral designs to help your customers to learn more about your emotions, body, and thoughts.  The Mental Health Journal is made to give hope and encouragement to those who are struggling.  They are designed to calm you down, help you to focus, or just make your day better.

Mental Health Journal printable is an evergreen niche throughout the year. Now is the time to list mental health
journal printables in your Etsy or Shopify shop.  This planner is editable in Powerpoint.  You will receive both a printable and digital version of the planner.

Use coupon code MENTALHEAL10 to save through March 15


Mental Health Journal PLR Templates


I just heard about a fantastic deal on Microsoft Office 2021 (for 1 PC or MAC) and raced over to the site and purchased it. I got Microsoft Office 2021 from Stack Social for the unbelievable one-time purchase price of $49. That is $20 less than a yearly subscription to Microsoft Office 365 (which needs to be paid yearly). I had 30 days to download the software which was no problem because I downloaded it right there and then. This deal is good until March 12. Included in the package is:

Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Office Excel
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Microsoft Office Outlook
Microsoft Office Teams
Microsoft Office OneNote
Microsoft Office Publisher
Microsoft Office Access

My personal favorites are Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word.


If you are a Microsoft Office user, I would totally recommend that you get this deal. Everything is up-to-date and all updates are included.

Microsoft Office 2021


Dee of P4 Pretty Pawarful Printables Shop has a new product out called Profitable Product Planner and Workbook Set. This powerful set of planner and workbook will help your customers in product idea selection, understanding the demand and supply for their product idea, and give them the plan to continue working on the best product for their customers. This set is editable in Powerpoint, Google Slides, and Canva. Use coupon code PROFITNOW20 until March 13 to get $20 off. That is a bargain for a PLR product.

imageProfitable Product Planner and Workbook Set


Michelle of PLR Niche is having a Crafty March sale on all of her Craft Journals and Planners. Use coupon code GETCRAFTY to get the 50% discount on all 5 of her Craft Planners.  The coupon code is good until March 31.

Handmade sellers event planner
Sewing project planner
Quilt planner
Crochet planner
Knitting Projects


Crafty March


Bitty of Bitty Spires Life is having a promotion on her Club Pin Monthly Subscription. Is it on your To-Do list to get started with Pinterest? Or are you already active on Pinterest but don’t know how to create the pins or really don’t want to take the time? Join Bitty’s Club Pin for $10 a month where you will get get 12 DFY pin templates delivered to your email and a 20-30 minute training session. Can’t beat that. Oh yes you can! Club Pin Members will get 30 Free Bonus Product Mockups with sign up plus this month, they get an extra 12 Pins for a total of 24!!

Turn This
This with this month’s training

Club Pin Monthly Subscription


Sue at Createful Journals has added a set of Home Utility Trackers, great for the home and finance niches, to her terrific collection that she calls Simple Template Designs. The other series includes templates such as Storage Hacks, Kitchen Hacks, Undated Simple Calendar Templates, Online Shopping Tracker, Walking Tracker, and so many more.

For each design, you get them in 3 different sizes in PowerPoint format so you can repurpose and sell them.
Check them all out here, and get them for just $7 each (no coupon needed).

Simple Template Designs

************************************************************************************I just found another course to teach you how to do seamless patterns that can be used to create your covers and interiors for your printable planners and for your digital planners. This class is taught by Catherine Beebe and uses Affinity Designer. This course is called Basic Seamless Patterns in Affinity Designer. To top it off, you pay what you want as low as $1 for the course. I can’t wait to add this one to the list of courses I have taken showing me how to create digital seamless patterns.


Get 2022 off to a great start with Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker! Compatible with GoodNotes and other apps, you get FULL commercial rights! Use it yourself, give it away to build your list or sell it as your own product. Easy to edit and re-brand! It is a steal at $1.

Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker


Are you interested in learning Canva and need a little help? Check out How to use Canva for beginners: Canva Tutorial 2022. This is only one of the videos that Faith of Faith’s Biz Academy has on her Youtube channel. She plans to add more videos every week to give you Canva Design tips, step-by-step tutorials on how to create printables to sell, online marketing tips to grow your business, and more! Check it out!!!!


How to use Canva for beginners: Canva Tutorial 2022


Sue of Createful Journals has a course called List Builders Action Plan.  In this course is a wonderful section on aMember.  It helped me so much.  If you are joining bundles, she gives you some wonderful tips on this also.  This is really worth the money.  

List Builders Action Plan

************************************************************************************Get this course by Ruthie and Melody to help you get aMember on your site.  It will help you set up your products and your affiliate program.  I have purchased this course and am in the process of setting up my website now.

aMember Demystified

************************************************************************************If you would rather take the aMember course taught by Faith, I have taken this course also.  It is very good.  She will walk you through how to set up your site, manage your products, manage your affiliate program, and creating upsell/downsell offers.  I really did love the last one as I would have never figured out how to do it.

aMember Pro Kickstart


Free DFY Printable Planner Template with Commercial Use rights.  This is editable in Canva, Affinity Publisher or Adobe InDesign.

************************************************************************************Get the Paris themed Family Is Love Management Planner from Niche PLR Starter Packs.  It has 12 unique planner page designs and is a dated planner starting for April 2022.  This planner is designed to help your audience to keep track of their family schedule for the year, month and day.  You have PLR rights on this product.  This is lettersize.  The planner is editable in Powerpoint.

************************************************************************************For a limited time only, Becky of PLR Beach is giving away her Safari Blooms Undated Monthly Planner.  Included with the planner are:

15 page printable
PowerPoint template
8.5 x 11 size
12 month calendar
Journal page
Commercial use rights!

Safari Blooms Undated Monthly Planner 

************************************************************************************The Digital Divas are back.  Check out this free 2022 Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker brought to you by Melody of PLR Club of the Month.  Compatible with GoodNotes and other apps.  You get FULL commercial rights! Use it yourself, give it away to build your list or sell it as your own product. Easy to edit and re-brand!  Once you grab your freebie, you’ll see the latest offer from the Digital Divas (RuthieMelStephanie HansenJan Small, and Helen Ross).  They’ve put together the 2022 Business Builder Bundle for you that includes another Digital Planner, a Printable Planner, Digital Papers and Stickers for only $29 (about what you’d pay for just the digital planner if you bought everything separately).

2022 Digital Affiliate Promotions Planner & Tracker

************************************************************************************Check out the free PLR at this site. They will help you to get more products on your site. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get these journals, planners, calendars and stickers.

Free Journal, Planner, & Calendar PLR

Please know that some free offers are available for only a short duration. They may go away soon. Every care has been taken to check the links to offers. But if the offer expires or the vendor is no longer honoring the coupon, please contact the vendor directly.

The Ultimate Spring-Summer Blossom Bundle (free through TONIGHT)
Special Swashes Font Bundle (free through March 10)
St Patrick’s Day Bundle (free through March 11)
Crafty Sweet Font Bundle (free through March 12)
Crafty Fonts & Designs Bundle (free through March 13)
Super Collection Font Bundle (free through March 14)
Beautiful Font Bundle (free through March 15)
Watercolor Bundle (free through March 16)
Monogram Font Bundle (free through March 17)
Stunning Font Bundle (free through March 18)
Mega Popular Crafts Bundle (free through March 19)
Spring Graphics Bundle (free through March 20)
All The Fonts That You Need Bundle (free through March 21)

22 Fonts Bundle  (Must share to unlock)

Summer Break Script Font 

St Patrick’s Day Fun Prints
Mermaid Glitter
Western Turquoise Easter
Easter Blessings Digital Paper Set

Boho Collection 
St Patrick’s Day Dubbing Skeleton
St Patrick’s Day Leopard Shamrock
St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Heart
Happy St Patrick’s Day
St Patrick’s Day Lucky Lips
St Patrick’s Day Nurse Love
St Patrick’s Day Shark
St Patrick’s Day Unicorn
St Patrick’s Day Gnome
Colorful Stars Sparkle Glitter Wreath

Llovely Llamas
Little Garden Watercolor Collection
Gnome Saint Patrick’s Day Watercolor Set (ends March 15)
Cute Bee Gnome Watercolor Printable Sticker
NEW Craft for Ukraine Bundle

My First Easter
Easter Word Search
St Patrick’s Day Picture Book Bingo
St Patrick’s Day Mug Design

Gnome Mom Printable-Digital Stickers
NEW Instagram Business Templates
NEW Daily Planner Keywords

Check out the free gifts from Creative Fabrica every day. You might be surprised at what may pop up.

NEW If you are into t-shirt designs, you will find quite a few of them in the free section of Creative Fabrica. Remember to change them so that yours will be different. You don’t want yours looking like everyone else’s design.  You will also find craft patterns on there if that is your niche.

There are more seamless patterns and graphics available on Creative Fabrica for free. Just search for St Patrick Freebie, Easter Freebie, etc. and you will get all of them. If you want something else, just type in the search term with Freebie and you will see what is available for free without a subscription.

I have a subscription to Creative Fabrica and can download as many of the graphics on their site free. I get an idea, I run to Creative Fabrica to see if I can find graphics to make my new creations. It is so great. You might want to get a subscription if you need lots of graphics.


What are you working on? Above, you will find some freebies that you can use to create your products. There are seamless patterns for you to use as covers for your products. Remember, always modify the images so that they are different from what someone else might create with the same pattern. Make your cover stand out and let people know you are different.

Mix and match the coloring pages, color by number, dot to dot, and word search to create your own coloring book. Add something to them to make them your own so you won’t be creating the same coloring book as everyone else.

Create a mug or greeting cards to put in your store. You might create these to give to special people in your life. See below in MISCELLANEOUS to find the links to the templates for you.

I want you to keep on working and growing your business. Let me know your accomplishments and what you are working on.

If you need to talk or get some help of some sort, I am here and will help you in any way that I can. If it is something I don’t know yet, I will refer you to someone I know who does have that information. We are all here to help each other to achieve success.

Hope you are having a wonderful, productive day.  Get lots of products created or training done.


Gilded Penguin Creations


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