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Sorry I didn’t write to you on New Years and yesterday like I told you I would.  I have been feeling under the weather the last few days.  Still not 100% but feeling better so thought I would get this out to you.

Not too much going on in my life right now.  I got my Social Security letter for this month and was really surprised that it was so much.  Usually, we are lucky to get about $10 or so increase.  This year, it is $50 a month.  I can live with that.  LOL

I need to get busy and work on my website.  I was a bad girl and didn’t get my aMember working or get my products uploaded.  I did a lot of binge watching of Christmas movies.  I watched all of them I could find on Netflix, Hulu and Prime.  LOL  Now, I am all rested up and ready to get to work.

I have not looked at what is new in our world so cannot tell you what is available out there.  I do have one that will be going away at midnight tonight.  Will do my best to review all the new goodies so that I can inform you better.


If you need to talk or get some help of some sort, I am here and will help you in any way that I can.  If it is something I don’t know yet, I will refer you to someone I know who does have that information.  We are all here to help each other to achieve success.

Going, Going, Gone

I have been mentioning the Kitchen Sink Plus Monthly Membership.  All 3 of the digital planners that were in the bundles/giveaways were created from the originals from this membership.    I wanted to let you know that the price of the membership will be going up next month so you a chance to get it if you wanted it.


NOTE:  Melody gave us a couple more days to join The Kitchen Sink Plus but you have to get it today, January 2.  The price will increase tomorrow, January 3 by $10.

Join now and get BOTH November AND December’s Bundles!!

As of right now – this month includes more than THREE DOZEN original graphics that you can use as backgrounds, covers or anything you want! PLUS a layered PSD file, and fully compiled Planners – Digital, Printable and ‘Mini’ Digital Planner Lead Magnet – and more will be on the way shortly ‘-)

  • All Products will ONLY be available through the Membership – these will never be sold anywhere else!
  • New Limited Edition Digital Planner
  • A New Limited Edition Printable Planner
  • A New Limited Edition Lead Magnet
  • A Layered PSD File to create your own covers (at least 10 Layers)
  • PNG versions of the layers for use on Canva!
  • Done-for-You Covers
  • Monthly LIVE Workshop
  • Surprise additions every month to complement that month’s planners!

Join now and get BOTH November AND December’s Bundles!!

Get Your Kitchen Sink Plus NOW!!!


For the Plan Your Life & Business Bundle Sale 2021you have until January 5, 2022 to download everything. There are some real goodies in there. I just found one dealing with emails that I had forgotten. I really need that one.

Time for me to go through my emails and see what is going on.  I also need to work on my website.  Not sure that I will get that done today but we shall see.



Gilded Penguin Creations

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